Frédéric Pignon dances with three stunning Friesian stallions

October 21, 2017 Other

The Friesian horses in this video are some of the most beautiful you have ever seen. There is something about their beauty that will have you almost spellbound as you watch them perform with their trainer. The calm way in which he works with each of the horses is so beautiful to watch! The beautiful classical music coupled with the pristine horses will have you unable to turn your eyes away, even for a second.

These horses have clearly been carefully trained and they are so loved by their trainer. It is clear he trusts them implicitly and so do they. As they perform, they do so with such grace. Each movement is carefully choreographed to move with the flow of the music. Can you imagine being able to watch this show live? This trio of horses is unlike any you have seen before so do not miss a minute of the magic. Check out their beauty and Please SHARE on Facebook.