When They Found Her, She Had This Tied Around Her Neck! This Poor Dog Was Starving!

April 25, 2017 Videos

When they found Millie, they soon found Shadow. These two precious dogs were on the streets, starving to death and in bad shape. Millie had mange and something tied around her neck that will make you cringe. How could any dog owner treat their dog in such a way?!

They named the male Shadow because he is solid black and always seemed to be just behind Millie as if he were her shadow. You do not want to miss watching their rescue because it is so touching! Thankfully, these two were captured by the rescuers and able to find loving homes and receive the care they so desperately needed.

This story of animal cruelty starts off heartbreaking but keep watching because it has a wonderful ending. This video is sure to touch your heart! Check out the rescue of Millie and her best buddy Shadow and make sure to share with your friends.