Footage Of Unusual Car Accident From Morocco Will Leave You With Questions

November 28, 2019 Stories

The Facebook network these days is surrounded by a video clip, which is a great hit.

Since Monday, when Emir Drissi uploaded it to his Facebook profile, it has reached over 2 million views and the reason lies in the impossible scene captured on camera!
The video, made in Morocco, is a real hit online. We can see an accident of a vehicle that is not clear to many users.

Along a busy road and parking lot, we can see a vehicle through which a large tree grows. There are holes in the vehicle only in the area where the tree is stuck, and there are no other visual damage to the car.

Is this a very good prank? Did it take years for the tree to take its path through the driver’s seat and the car’s roof? The opinions of the users on the web are different, and when you see the scene from the video, you will probably be left with no explanation.