Foals are set to be killed because they’re not ‘impressive’ — then one brave woman finally lets them run free

July 4, 2018 Pets


Honestly, I’ve no idea why some things should still be legal. I mean, how do you explain the legality of murdering a cute little horse just so you can feed their mom’s milk to another favored baby horse? Unfortunately, this practice is legal, and that’s sickening!

They call them the “Nurse Mare Foals.” A horse gives birth to a foal, but it’s taken away so the milk can be fed to another foal instead. Their real baby horses are killed. In essence, the Nurse Mare Foals are born so they can be murdered and robbed of their mothers’ milk. The milk is used to raise other horses chosen for sports and other activities. That makes you sad!

But not all of the little horses end up dead in ditches. There’s this cool organization called the “Last Chance Corral,” and their main object is to save these innocent horses and give them better, harmless life. The animals are fed and taken care of, and then they’re adopted by loving families and get to live in forever homes with lots of love showered on them.

With this documentary, Born to Die, the team hopes to spread awareness about a pervasive problem. Just by watching and sharing this video, you’re already doing so much to help a cause that’s near and dear to so many hearts — including the hearts of the foals!

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