Firefighters struggle to pull down damaged tree, burst out laughing when they turn around

September 23, 2018 Stories

Often times it’s the firefighters who are helping dogs when they are in trouble, but that doesn’t mean man best friend aren’t capable of helping humans! Dogs have been side by side with people for decades serving as service and therapy dogs. With their cheerful grins and wagging tails, dogs are well versed in comforting people in their time of need. And as this story highlights, dogs can also lend their talents to firefighters in their time of need!

Recently, a group of firefighters were struggling to bring down a tree when a hard-working dog decided to stop and help. The dog happened to be passing by with their guardian when they willingly stopped to add some muscle to their labor.

The fireman had tied rope around the tree to pull it down, but the tree was refusing to move. When the dog saw the firefighters in distress, he decided to grab a part of the rope with his mouth and pull. The dog guardian tried to pull his dog away, thinking the dog was intruding on the firefighters work, but the dog refused. He really wanted to help!

The firefighters, understandably, couldn’t stop laughing over the dogs tenaciousness but gladly took the extra paw.

Watch this dog lend firefighters a helping hand…or mouth. … assistance.. It’s just too adorable to handle.

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