Fire Crew Rescues Dog Stranded In South Carolina Floodwaters

February 9, 2020 Cool

Thunderstorms and tornadoes were raging in the US state of South Carolina these days, leaving large number of people without electricity.

A strong wind was taking down trees, and in many places they struggled with floods.

A video from the town of Taylors, South Carolina, landed online these days when good firefighters came to the rescue of one trapped dog. With the help of an inflatable raft, they made their way to a dog the owners forgot to rescue.

The dog was waiting quietly at his canine, even though he was in the water up to his neck. Firefighters captured the dog’s rescue on camera and posted the video on Facebook.

Take a look at how firefighters in Taylors, South Carolina have rescued a trapped dog during a flood these days that has been forgotten by his owners. Well done to the firefighters!