Fast food employee suddenly blocks exit door – opens his mouth and gives everyone chills

May 14, 2018 Other


We often come across inspiring stories that happened unexpectedly in supermarkets or in restaurants. It can be someone who’s helping a person choking  — or just a simple and wonderful act of kindness.

The story that happened in the video below made us share it right away. Why? because it happened on veteran’s day and what this Chick-fil-A employee did is enough to make you smile or even bring you to tears. Jamel Young, the guy in the video below wanted to pay tribute in his own special way —  When the restaurant was filled with customers, he didn’t hesitate a second to show his respect to the veterans with an incredible performance. You’ve got to see this!

His first note was enough to blow everyone’s minds, no one, including me, believed that this man had such amazing voice! He also chose to sing the perfect song for this special occasion “Proud to be an American”, which of course, so many Americans can relate to.

Jamel walked up to the exit and stood up there, turned around to the whole restaurant can see him — and hear him — very clearly…

Everyone’s attention immediately went towards Jamel upon hearing him singing beautifully, they even forgot about their food and kept watching him performing.

Watch Jamel’s amazing performance in the video below:

What a magical voice! And what a great way to honor all veterans! Please share this video if you also think that more people should hear Jamel’s amazing voice!