Farmer is heartbroken to hear about son’s hungry classmates, gives away harvest to feed entire town

April 22, 2018 Stories

One day, Jonathan’s son came home from school and told him something that has now led to the big change witnessed in their region today. His son said that one of his classmates is hungry. Just that, and it was enough to put this kind man in a different path to change lives.

Now, Jonathan is a farmer with a big farm. In fact, the area is an expanse of many adjacent farms, but the food mostly available is junk food, so the people have to travel for some distance to get what they don’t grow in their own farms.

Since his son broke the heart-wrenching news to him, this man has changed the focus of his farming from purely for profit to philanthropic. He gives away a portion of his produce to faith-based organizations that distribute food to the needy. According to Midwest Food Bank’s John Whittaker, no one would go hungry if we decided to help out. That’s a great step!
Watch this amazing story of generosity below:
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