Farmer gets fed up with drivers parking on his land – His genius revenge is making everyone laugh

July 20, 2018 Stories

A farmer in Croatia finally had enough of people parking on his land to visit a flea market nearby.

Every Sunday, vendors and visitors park their cars on Pavao Bedeković’s farmland. Week after week, Pavao asked the public to park elsewhere, but was ignored. He eventually understood he had to escalate the matter and come with a different solution. And that he did.

One day, Bedeković taught them a lesson simply by going to work. With his tractor, he prepped the field for corn, plowing rows in between two rows of parked cars.

You can see how it all went down in the video below.

Bedeković helped the cars get back on the road. Some car owners complained to police that their automobiles were damaged. The police response: He told you not to park there, so what’d you expect?

The bottom line: Don’t mess with a farmer.
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