Family Doesn’t Want Dog Anymore – Cruelly Leaves Him Chained Outside During Blizzard

January 1, 2018 Dogs


A poor dog had been chained in her yard by her owners and just left there. This is a terrible thing to do to a dog in general, but it is particularly negative when it is cold enough. Dogs can literally freeze to death under those circumstances. This almost happened to this poor young dog in Detroit, Michigan.

A neighbor was able to notice in time, and called the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. The founder and director of this organization noted the urgency of the phone call. The rescuers were more than aware of what could happen to a poor dog under the circumstances, and they quickly made it to the yard in order to rescue the poor animal.

There is now a law in place that dog owners are not allowed to keep a dog tethered outside for a period that exceeds eight hours, and these dog owners were clearly in violation of that law. The owners had a dog that was allowed inside the house, but not the one who was chained and who nearly died. They just did not want the dog that they had nearly left to die.

The rescue team ended up naming the dog Blizzard in honor of what she had endured. Blizzard was taken to a veterinarian almost immediately in order to save her life. She did not have to go back to her previous owners, but made it to a lovely foster home instead. She now also is able to live with a couple of other dogs who were saved under similar circumstances, and this is enough to completely turn her life around for the better. The winter season is clearly posing a lot of difficulties for dogs, especially for the dogs who are being confined and left in circumstances like these ones.