‘An Eye for An Eye’: “Animal Lover” Drowns Beloved Family Dog Because He Killed His Favorite Chicken

January 3, 2018 Other

He held border collie for three minutes in a tank. Kerry Finlay called the council 30 minutes before deciding what to do by himself. He said that the owners were not getting him back.

It is very unfortunate when your dog escapes accidentally and it never comes to your mind that someone can drown your dog for something that was unpreventable.
He deliberately drowned his neighbor’s dog after it ate his favorite white chicken.

Kerry Finlay is an animal lover as described by the court. He was found guilty for killing the dog that was 18 months old.
He had found the dog in his chicken coop.
He was granted a parole before even going to jail. He was 44.

The dog owner, Megan Grealy thought on how he was freed with barely a week in jail considering how remorseless he was.

Finlay, he pictured above, after finding the dog in his chicken coop, he drowned it in his property in Bracken Ridge, and the court got that.

The court also heard that he was also an alarm installer and he loved his silk chicken

Finlay contacted their council before doing that action to the dog. Within 30 minutes of no response, he decided to kill the dog out of anger, he said ‘an eye to eye.’
It took three minutes for Thunder, the dog, to die of water. It was almost impossible for the court to understand.

Megan, the dog owner was surprised at the punishment given to what he thought was a remorseless man.
A post-mortem done on Thunder indicates bruises on his head and neck which affirms that he was drowned.
Finlay’s lawyers said that his client was absolutely animal lover and that he did that out of emotion and deep grief.

He said that he was affected emotionally by a recent car crash, the death of the uncle and IVF struggle with his wife.
Therefore, he was ordered to pay court cost and 1,000 dollar to Thunder’s owners in three months’ time.