Extremely Rare White Giraffe and Her Calf Caught on Camera for The First Time

October 12, 2017 Videos

Rarely do we see white giraffes and the moment we see them we become surprised. In Kenya, two giraffes were spotted in one of the national reserves.

They seemed to act very normal but they looked extraordinary. Also, the mother and baby giraffe seemed very calm as the video was being taken.Their skin colour was very different from the rest. They are believed to have a skin condition known as leucism.

This condition prevents pigmentation of skin cells thus the reason as to why they become white in colour.This video was taken by conservation rangers who were doing their jobs only to be surprised by the mother and baby giraffe who were very different from the rest.

Rumours had gone round claiming the existence of the white giraffes but they were believed once the conservationists got to see them. Were it not for the conservationists this could still be a rumour. In addition, the giraffes were not any different from the rest even from the way they behaved and reacted.