Excited couple adopts “small” shelter puppy, brings him home and soon realizes their big mistake

October 24, 2018 Dogs

Sue wanted nothing more than to adopt a shelter puppy, but her husband Robert only agreed to bringing home a pet if they didn’t choose a “big dog.” So, Sue headed off to her local animal rescue. It was there she fell deeply in love with an adorable, tiny puppy named Yogi, and there was no way she was leaving the little guy without a home. That’s when things took an unexpected turn.

You see, Sue told Robert a “little” lie — that Yogi was a Jack Russell terrier who’d grow up to be just under 20 pounds. The truth? Yogi was a Great Dane — only one of the largest dog breeds known to man. Oops.

And so, the tiny puppy found his home with Sue and Robert. As months passed, Yogi grew bigger and bigger… and bigger. By the time Yogi was five months old, Robert realized he’d been tricked by his own wife. This was no Jack Russell. Robert was now pet parent to a dog who would one day weigh over 200 pounds and eat his way through $200 worth of food every month. However, Robert couldn’t be angry; he was already very much in love with Yogi.

Yogi, who also goes by the name of Bear, is now nine years old and one of the biggest dogs in the UK. He has to wear a horse coat outside in the cold. He’s massive, he’s lazy, and he’s best friends with Sue and Robert’s adopted stray cat, Toffee.

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