Eric Clapton plays “Tears in Heaven” for 1st time after son’s tragedy and it’s making a lot of people cry

September 23, 2018 Other


There are some songs that will never get old despite decades going past. This is one of those songs which touches your heart every single time you hear it.

Watch the legend Eric Clapton giving a TV presenter a preview of his song ‘Tears In Heaven’ during a live interview back in 1992. As suggested by the presenter, “it is going make a lot of people cry”, it definitely did.

Clapton’s 4 year old son, Conor, died falling from the window of a 53rd floor apartment building in New York City in early 1991. Over the years, Clapton made several public service announcements about child-proofing windows and stair-cases.

It’s regarded as one of the saddest songs to be ever released. When you compare the music back in the day to the music today, you want to cry even more, missing the good old days.
You can truly see just how emotional the song is for Eric Clapton as he plays it for the first time publicly. How Sue Lawley was able to compose herself throughout the song is beyond me…
Check out the official music video for Tears in Heaven below.

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