Emotional groom breaks down in tears at altar, then camera pans to his bride walking down the aisle

July 31, 2018 Stories


Love is always a wonderful experience for those who genuinely fall in love. That is what as a couple CJ and Lexi were experiencing and what they revealed during their exceptional wedding told the entire story.

For those who have attended several weddings, it is not usual to come across a groom who is so emotional, but CJ was that exception. Nothing was going to prevent him from expressing how much he loves Lexi.

He must have taken time to select the words he uttered on this day and you can see the kind of impact they had on the bride. It is simply what every bride will love to listen to on her wedding day.

If you watch the two keenly, then you will conclude that the two were meant for each other and they had every reason to take their love to the next level. Though we have seen many people out there fall in love, not everyone is so lucky to find such a perfect companion and at such an age.

Though you are going to spend the next 10 minutes watching the clip below, each minute is worth the experience and suits people of all ages.

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