Emanne Beasha Delivers A Beautiful Piano Duet With Lang Lang On AGT

September 23, 2019 Other

Emanne Beasha is very adorable 11-year-old girl who, with her singing talent, has taken over many already at the auditions of America’s Got Talent.

She shone again in the past finale as she combined her singing skills with a renowned pianist!

The lovely and always smiling Emanne sang the song “Con Te Partirò” in the finals of America’s Got Talent with the pianist Lang Lang, which is originally performed by Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli, .

At the beginning of the performance, Lang Lang played the solo of “Chopsticks” song, and then helped the young opera singers in the sequel.

When you hear the miraculous voice of 11-year-old Emanne Beash, you will also be thrilled with her talent. Listen to how she sang Andrea Bocelli’s song!