Emaciated Dog Left in The Snow Has Only Hours to Live, Then An Angel Rushes to Her Rescue

December 27, 2017 Dogs


Elsa was a dog who was literally a few hours away from death. She was left in the snow to die horribly after being abandoned. She is aDogue de Bordeaux dog, a breed that people might recognize from the film Turner and Hooch.

A healthy weight for a femaleDogue de Bordeaux would be about 125 pounds at least, and Elsa was down to around 38 pounds, which is shockingly low. She was in a Birmingham nature reserve, which is a relatively safe place, at least. This was the Corngreaves Nature Reserve. It still wasn’t a safe enough place for her. Given her size, she clearly would have frozen to death without an immediate rescue.

Rescuers were able to get to her in time, giving her an IV drip and the chance to actually get ahead with a loving home. An animal rescue named Lin Reeves said that Elsa’s case was potentially one of the worst in thirty years. The rescuers believed that they literally would not be able to get Elsa to the hospital in time before she died.
The dog could not lift her head all the way and she was incapable of standing up, so there was no way she could have fended for herself. She never would have made it in the cold.

Elsa’s estimated age is only four years old, which makes her a very young dog. The vets gave her a 0.5 chance of surviving on a scale of zero to five, which makes her survival that much more miraculous.

The dog was almost certainly neglected and then dumped there in the hopes that the cold would kill her. People from as far away as Australia made donations in order to keep the dog alive and to help to pay her vet bills. She is getting a lot of offers from people who want to adopt her as well, which is even more important.