Elderly Sisters Visit 97-Yr-Old Sister In Hospital Bed. Their Next Move Is Melting Hearts Everywhere

February 8, 2018 Stories

Siblings have unbreakable bond, something that only they will understand.

These three sister were always strongly close as kids, and promised to stay close no matter how old they got, so that they could always take good care of each other.

When the oldest sister who’s 97-year-old was bound to hospice bed, they jumped to her aid. Even though she was taken care by the medical staff and all her illness-related needs were satisfied, they knew she needed some extra help. So they came to comfort her, and they made sure they did a good job at it.


Watching them gladly taking care of their old sister touched our hearts. Obviously, they’ve been always there for each other during happy and sad moments. They know each other very well, their greatest strengths and their biggest flaws – and they still love one another regardless.


So they refused to let their sister alone in the hospice care, the two younger sisters rushed to her bedside. They know there isn’t much time left to be together, but they want to make the best out of it as a trio and give their sister laughter, love and happiness in her remaining time.

The two sisters brought a brush along with them on their visit. The woman’s granddaughter couldn’t help but record this heart-touching moment between the sisters and we’re very glad she did. Watch the precious footage below:


We should all honor bonds like this! Watch this beautiful gesture in the video below and grab a tissue!