Dying aunt tells nephew to look under her old sewing machine – then he discovers $30 million dollar secret

November 25, 2018 Stories

Before Carl Sabatino’s aunt passed away in 2015, he visited her to say goodbye. But the meeting didn’t turn out the way he had planned. Carl’s aunt had an odd request: she asked him to take a look under her old sewing machine.

Carl took his aunt’s last words seriously and did as she had asked. But nothing could have prepare him for what he found.

Carl Sabatino’s aunt had a big secret. But it wasn’t one she wanted to take to her grave. So shortly before she died, she let Carl in on it. It turned out, she had been hiding something special in her old sewing machine for years.

The sewing machine was an old Singer model with a matching table. Carl Turner gently shifted the machine to the side and a painting fell out from underneath.

Carl’s uncle had bought the painting in London during World War II. He paid a mere $30 for it at the time. But now, the painting is worth considerably more. Carl’s aunt knew this and made sure to keep it safe. And what could be safer than the inside of her old sewing machine?

The painting is by renowned artist Pablo Picasso and could fetch an astronomical amount at auction—perhaps between $25 and $35 million. The reason why it’s worth so much is that there are two fingerprints on it—and experts are currently investigating whether the prints are from the artist himself.

An identical Picasso is on display at the Cleveland Museum. Experts believe that Picasso painted two identical pictures because he was trying out a new technique.

Understandably, Carl was stunned when he found the painting. No wonder his aunt kept it hidden!

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