Dumped by his family, depressed german shepherd is too sad to greet visitors.. My heart just broke!

November 25, 2018 Dogs

Just like humans, even dogs have emotions. For one puppy, Glen, life is hopeless. Glen is a 12-month-old German Shepherd. She is currently staying at the high –kill Carson Animal Shelter in California.

Life in the shelter is depressing.  Glen knows that better and she makes no attempt to greet or exchange pleasantries with the visitors. When Glen first came to the shelter, she was cheerful. Currently, Glen is a terrified and fearful dog that finds solace in the corner of the kennel. Maybe she is secretly hoping someone will adopt her before she is euthanized.

Sadly, no one knows Glen’s real name or background. Glen joined the shelter on 12th September.  When some visitors came to her kennel, she closed her eyes totally ignoring their presence. Despite the visitors’ persuasion, Glen never moved a single inch. It took mini-treats for the unwilling dog to meet her visitors.

Watch the sad video and see the fear on Glen’s face. Please SHARE the video on Facebook with your family and friends; maybe someone will recognize her.