Drummer Gets Smashed By A Cross In The Middle Of A Worship Service

September 30, 2019 Other

Accidents never rest! These days, the drummer found out this firsthand when he and his music band prepared a concert in one of the churches.

He was hit by a large wooden cross, but luckily the hit did not hurt the drummer.

Guests said that they due to the wonderful atmosphere they did not even notice that the cross behind the band was slowly tilting. When the cross crashed on the drummer, many people were left speechless, but in the end, everything ended without any injuries.

The video’s author also wrote that the drummer watched the audience with a smile on his face shortly afterwards, but was still confused.

Fortunately, the accident did not hurt him, and the video has reached over 230,000 views online in just one week! Look at the drama many guests witnessed in the church …