He Drives Away From Wildfire With His 3 Dogs. 15 Minutes Later, He Realizes One of Them is Missing

November 10, 2017 Stories


This is an intense video that shows the reality of a wildfire. It is a scary thing to be involved in, but the police officer who is wearing this body camera seems to be pretty calm as he goes about his job. He knows what he needs to be doing, and he rescues a woman and dog from the fire because that is his duty. This video will give you the chills as you see what happens in it and how dangerous the California wildfires really are.

This video will make you feel grateful for all that you have, and for the police officers and firefighters who are willing to go into fires to save others.

This video is an intense one, and you will be glad that the cops were there to save the ones who needed them. The fire was close, but they made sure that they got there to rescue the ones who needed saving.