Dozens Of Dancers Organize In Huge Circle, But Watch Their Legs Move As Beat Begins To Change

February 21, 2018 Other

Always a fan favorite at high school and collegiate dance team competitions, the high kick division combines dancing and precise kick maneuvers. Moving enthusiast kicks, gradient kicks and contagions are just a few of the visually magnificent choreography used at a kick routine.

The kick line has to be powerful and precise. Toes pointed; legs straight; backs vertical.

The women are in excellent shape considering how strenuous competing in a high kick pattern is. They are usually filled with smiles after a fantastic performance, but out of breath.

Texas is known for its incredible kick patterns coming out of the high school and college teams. In Southlake, Texas, the Carroll High School Emerald Belles choreographed a gorgeous kick pattern that left the crowd cheering and yelling for them.

They performed this routine in a regional high school dance competition to the tune “Sweet Dreams.” This somewhat spooky remix set the group apart from the others.