Their Dog Went Missing, Then They Realize He’s a Hero When He Returned With Note on His Collar

November 24, 2017 Dogs

When Marilyn Driver’s elderly 12 year old dog went missing, she feared the worst. However, one week later, the sheepdog named Louie, reappeared at home with a surprising note attached to his collar from a very thankful neighbor.

As it turns out, while Louie was missing, he was actually carrying out a heroic rescue mission. The cardboard note attached to Louie’s collar read, “Louie is the hero of the day! He led me to my dog Maddie who was trapped and distressed. Cheers, Rob.”

The Driver’s later found out that Rob was a local farmer residing close to a mile from their home. He came home from running errands one afternoon and found Louie at his home. The sheep dog seemed to be in a panic and would not rest until Rob began to follow him.

Rob followed, until Louie led him to Maddy, his own dog, who was trapped under a pile of wood. The sheep dog stood by anxiously as Rob dug her out. The two dogs, both relieved, then had some fun together as they frolicked in a nearby creek.

When Louie finally returned home he appeared very tired and nearly collapsed. The pet owner was obviously worried and concerned that the elderly dog was injured. However, after upon reading the note her heart was warmed and she felt a huge sense of relief.

Still though, the dog’s heroic ordeal left him weak and Marilyn was concerned he might not survive. To her surprise, the next day Louie had a visitor that energized him; Maddy and Rob! When Maddy and her thankful owner left, Louie seemed back to normal and Marilyn commented that she was so proud of her beloved sheepdog.