Dog stuck in mud for days couldn’t walk to save herself – now see her reaction when rescuers free her

July 31, 2019 Dogs


On April 25, a dog was found trapped on a river bank in Ulyssses, Kentucky for many days, says a man who helped in the dog’s rescue.

Footage of the heartwarming rescue was posted to Facebook by Darrell Perkins, who explained to Stroyful that the dog, named Ginger, went missing days before she was heard howling from a nearby river.

Watching the video, we can see how the dog is so exhausted and out of energy, she must have struggled a lot during those days. However, the rescuers did an amazing job saving her and making her feel that everything was finally okay and that she’s safe now.

Ginger couldn’t walk up the hill, and it was clear that if not for the kind people who arrived just at time, Ginger could easily have drowned.

But, thanks to the incredible efforts of the humans who found her, she’s now recovering at a local animal hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Ginger is now a very happy dog again and I couldn’t be happier to see that! It’s so nice to read about the heroes around the world that do so much for vulnerable animals. You are doing a vital job! Please share to pay tribute to their amazing efforts!

Watch the video of Ginger’s rescue below: