Dog Spots Chickens Buried Deep In Cold Snow – Reacts Immediately And Becomes The Hero Of The Day

March 7, 2018 Dogs

Dogs are not only our best loyal friends but they can also surprise us in the most unexpected ways. Just like this Golden Retriever did when he discovered two chickens stuck in the snow.

I honestly expected to see him standing nearby and watching them, but what this sweet pup is about to do absolutely made my day.

Dogs are one of a kind animals, they are faithful, compassionate and loving. They adore their owners and they don’t hesitate to any instructions given to them. This adorable dog did more than this, he followed his intuition and became the hero of the day.

He just couldn’t handle seeing these two chickens buried in the snow.


The poor chickens were stuck deep in snow with only their heads showing. Snow may look soft but it’s easy for small animals to get stuck under it. These chickens couldn’t get themselves out so they remained hopeless.

However, this superhero is here to save the day. When he saw them helpless in the snow, he knew he needs to act quickly.


The kind dog instantly started digging around the chickens. He kept pushing away the snow with his paws – the chickens then slowly began to appear in the snow masses.

His owner proud of his dog, recorded him rescuing the two chickens. Maybe he didn’t intervene because he knew his dog will handle it. This wonderful pooch had got it covered! Finally, the chickens were freed from the ice-cold snow – and could return to the warmth of their pen.


This dog is indeed a superhero. This is just another proof that dogs are kind animals that deserve all the love and care from us.

Watch the heartwarming rescue below:

This guy must be so proud of his dog. What a beautiful act!

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