This Dog Was Separated From His Owner For 8 Years Then This Happened…

October 11, 2017 Dogs


It’s heartbreaking when you lose a dog who is more than a companion to you. Joshua experienced the same back in April 7, 2007 when his puppy, Duke disappeared. He looked everywhere in the neighborhood for Duke without success and came into terms with the loss.

But on 15th of May 24, 2015, something unexpected happened. His dog had been spotted by one woman loitering in the streets. The woman tried her best to look for the dog’s owner.

The dog was taken by the Good Samaritan to Tamiami Animal Hospital. They then checked the dog’s microchip which helped in tracing Joshua who at the time had adopted another dog whom he had named Duke Jr. Joshua never imagined such a time will ever come.

Within this video, we see how Joshua reacts once he arrives at the hospital and reunites with Duke. After the reunion, Duke was taken home where he met with Duke’s wife, his sons and 3 other dogs.