Dog is Rescued after Years of Abuse. Hid Reaction to First Touch Brought Everyone to Tears

November 11, 2017 Dogs

It is definitely a quite tragic situation to witness an animal suffer abuse. This does not only damage the mind of that who is watching, but it also damages the animal itself to the point of not wanting anybody to touch him; take this emotional video, which has been watched by more than eight million people, for example.
Right from the start you will notice a dog that is in one corner, scared to death of the touch of one of the crew members who rescued him from years of abuse. He is now in a shelter and receiving the proper care.
This dog is obviously terrified that someone wants to touch him, as it is clearer than water that he suffered years of hitting. The rescuer approaches him and begins to pet him. In the beginning, the dog seems very doubtful, but he soon begins to realize that the rescuer just wants to be gentle with him.
This is quite an emotional video that might make you want to cry. It is definitely a must watch. We recommend you to like, and share on Facebook and Instagram, as well was Twitter!