Dog left tied up and shivering outside in -20 Degrees – then a kind stranger sees him and acts fast..

November 30, 2018 Dogs


Because dogs have thick coats, most people immediately assume that they can bear any weather condition. However, even the dogs with the thickest coats can be the victims of frostbites in the cold. Sadly, this dog’s owner was not aware of that.

The dog’s owner left him outside in a whopping -20 degrees while she went inside the post office. She had assumed she would be back within a few minutes but that didn’t happen. The poor doggo would have died of frostbite had a kind stranger not spotted him on time.

The stranger saw the poor dog shivering in the cold and decided to sit next to him, giving him some warmth until his owner came. Surprisingly, the dog snuggled up into his lap. Thankfully, the kind Samaritan stepped in on time. Heaven knows what would have happened to the poor dog.

This story is a good lesson for everyone who thinks it is okay to leave their pets at extreme weather conditions.

Watch the video about the story below:

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