This Dog Gives An Amazing Response When Mum Told Him How Much She Loved Him! Unbelievable!

June 1, 2017 Videos

When you watch Stanley the Airedale, you will definitely understand why I love Airedales. They are some of the loyal but biggest dogs you can ever find out there!

Stanley’s human dad was around when he noticed that he was missing his human mom who had been away for some time. The dad decided to let Stanley speak with mum over the phone. From Stanley’s reaction when he hears mum speak over the phone, you can judge the magnitude of love which this dog has for his family.

How does your dog respond when you show how much you love him or her? Does he or she have a special way of communicating when responding? One of my dogs used to speak whenever commanded or when the TV is loud but could hardly understand whatever he meant. Do you believe dogs understand whenever they are communicated to or they need their noise to be heard by those around them?