Dog Farts Infront Of Owner, Cat’s Reaction Is Pure Laughter

December 20, 2019 Pets


Dogs and cats usually don’t go together, but sometimes an unforgettable friendship can develop between them.

The dog and cat in the video are also that landed online last year are also friends, but the cat was so disturbed by dog’s move that it gave many a sincere laugh with its reaction!

The author posted a scene online in which laughter is really not missing. Many wrote that no one would have believed him if he had failed to capture the scene on camera.

He was first filming his dog while he was resting when he farted loudly. A dose of laughter followed, and then the author recorded the reaction of his cat, with which the laughter only intensified.

As the puppy farted not far from the cat, the cat was so appalled by his actions that it made it clear to the owner what it thinks of such a move. Look at the scene where laughter is guaranteed!