Dog Badly Beaten, Thrown in a Dumpster With Serious Injuries and Left to Die

December 11, 2017 Dogs


Dog dumped near shopping mall gets rescued and taken to a shelter
A one year old puppy named iris had a terrible experience when she was found in Raytown Missouri in a dumpster at the stern of a shopping mall. The rescuers that found her could not even tell what breed she was since she was in a very bad condition.

She was found in late October then immediately rushed to a shelter known as Midwest animal rescue. She was in a severe state due to the numerous injuries she had.

The little poor puppy had lost a lot of blood and had been badly beaten by a skin infection which now led to mange.
She shelter owner Erin Morse said that it must have to take months to get to the condition she was in.

The workers in the rescue shelter were very angry at the perpetrator who had left the dog in the dumpster that they even offered a reward of $5000 to anyone that would give them any leads.

Even though there haven’t been lucky enough on their investigation, Eric is very firm and won’t stop until he seeks justice for the defenseless puppy.

Why not just treat animals same as human beings? Cruelty to animals or human is something so dangerous.

It has been confirmed by the New York State Humans Association that almost 70% brutal criminals started by torturing animals by being malicious to them.
A recent conducted study in the northern university also discovered that those who abuse animals are prone to violate their fellow human beings five times more.

Both police and the FBI will now have to reclassify this issue as a felony.
For such offenses to stop they will now have to think of it a murder or arson.

So back to iris, a lot of people have donated to her medical care, her toe still need to be amputated and she is still in a bad shape hence her wounds are still open to infection. She’s got a long way to go.

Lets just hope she will be adopted with a loving family that will give her the care she badly needs since she has already proven she is kind pup and full of life. If you wish to donate you can do so via Midwest animal rescue website and if you have any news about her abuser, kindly communicate through their Facebook page.