Dog abandoned at train station with a suitcase, rescuers heartbroken at what’s inside

June 4, 2018 Dogs

Sometimes, good things really do come to those who wait.

This Shar Pei was found dumped at a train station in Scotland to fend for himself. With only a bowl, some food, a pillow and a toy, Kai was left behind all alone. The poor dog also had an operation for a condition in his eye that wasn’t improving.

Photos of him were first posted at the train station then started being posted on social media, people were willing to give any needed help. Animal lovers were furious and horrified when they saw the poor dog in that situation and were ready to come forward and save Kai from his fate.

Authorities couldn’t locate the owner but they still wanted to know the truth of how Kai ended up there and who was the responsible. It took a few more months to finally clear this sad story up.

A woman tried to buy Kai from an online sale, but the seller was trying to be deceiving. She claimed the dog she had been shown was different then the dog the gentleman showed up with. When she asked him further about the dog, he got in his car and drove away. From there, she decided to leave the dog there with the supplies.

Since people have heard the dog’s plee, they are putting in applications and looking to adopt him.

There is one video that shows this amazing dog and why people want to help him!
Kai now has found a new home, Mr Russell, his new owner, decided to give the animal a home and said getting Kai was just like ‘winning the lottery’

We’re happy for Kai, he finally gets the love and attention he always deserves. Please SHARE!