They discovered a very old grave outside the cemetery, their next move is absolutely loveable!

August 20, 2017 Stories

About 100 years ago, the society was very different. The Christian culture, too, was different. For example, people with mental issues weren’t recognized as such. They were maniacs in the eyes of the society. But one of person was set to make history even after 100 years in a grave.
One day, Les Bergquist and his brother Keith found this man’s grave just outside the cemetery. The kids got curious and went about digging up facts on the man’s story. As adults, they collected materials of the local history. They learned that Johan August Lunnberg had shot himself with a neighbor’s gun, and that’s why the church had refused to bury him in the cemetery. The brothers embarked on a mission to change history!

You want to see what they did on this man’s 100th anniversary. It’s truly touching.

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