Dirty old homeless man begins playing on street piano—footage of him goes viral and changes his life forever

May 12, 2018 Videos

onald Gould might be a homeless man aged 51-years, but that does not prevent him from being a home to something special. Not long ago, the old man did something which went viral over the internet – he walked onto a public piano and played a beautiful rendition of the song titled ‘Come Sail Away’ done by Styx.

Gould was not born in the streets – he used to be a Marine Corp and all changed when he lost his wife. The man who loved playing the clarinet was about to become a music teacher sometimes back. The clip below has covered this man who comes from Sarasota, Florida passionately playing his heartfelt rendition. The piano is located at the Sarasota Keys – one store that has outdoor pianos and anyone who is interested can freely play.

The popularity brought about by this clip was enough to give Gould a job offer. One bar by the name Surf Shack has decided to give him the chance of playing a piano in their upstairs bar and the old man is searching for his son who is presently 18 years of age. He had parted with his son when he was struggling with substance abuse after his wife’s death.

Donald Gould’s story is one that starts out sad but is filled with hope and inspiration. Gould proved that anything is possible and you can truly turn your life around.

He got a record deal, reunited with his son and he even met a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Listen to Donald’s breathtaking piano performance and watch his update in the video below:
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