‘Devil Lips’ is the scary new beauty trend where women are using filler to create ‘unnatural’ pouts

December 14, 2019 Other

Every once in a while, a trend appears, whether it’s fashion, technology or beauty trends. Most people gets obssessed with it. However, with time, these trends disappear faster than ever before.

It’s almost impossible to follow with all these trends, especially when some bizzare ones pop out, like the latest beauty trend – which involves something called “the devil lips.”

This crazy new fashion known as “Devil Lips” is attracting attention on Russian social media. The look involves having fillers injected into the outer edges of the upper and lower lip to create a wavy effect

This means that youngsters go to their local plastic surgeons to put their lips under the knife and fill them enough to have a “pointy” look.

The sharper the corners, the better, according to the web.

Now, of course, the question is which trend will become popular next. Hopefully, it will be something less invasive than the “devil’s lips.”

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