Depressed Dog Spends Two Years in Shelter- Then One Day, She Picks A Familiar Scent

March 9, 2018 Dogs

It has been two years since this dog and her owner was separated. It is clear that, at first,she is unsure of who he is. This is especially true as she barks at him as she is brought in front of him. However, once getting a little closer, tentativelyinching forwards, she catches his scent.

rescue center

This dog cannot believe that she is with her owner again, this is entirely clear. As this beautiful dog realizes that the man in front of her is her long lost friend, she is clearly overwhelmed with happiness and joy. Her tailwags, she goes weak in the legs and she cries out.

She jumps up on him, giving him as many kisses as she can possibly give him and bombards him her own version of a hug. It had been two years since they had been separated, but a bystander had the foresight to film this heart-warming reunion, letting us all see too.

rescue center