Deaf Rescued Dog Can’t Believe His Owner Returned – His Wild Reaction Will Warm The Coldest Hearts

January 1, 2018 Dogs

Many people tend to get excited when someone they love comes home, and the same goes for dogs. This is especially true of Cotton, who hadn’t seen his owner in a few days due to his owner being away for a drill weekend with the Oregon National Guard. The dog is seen waiting in front of the door, excitedly waiting for his best friend, Pete, to return home after a long weekend away. The happy white pit bull waits patiently, only to get overwhelmed with excitement with his best friend at last returns.

Dogs are smart creatures, who feel and can understand the same as a two year old, while there are some who are more intelligent than the others. Cotton happily greets his owner, and is very excited to welcome home his very own soldier, even if the time away wasn’t very much at all.
Anytime at all was long enough for this dog!

Source: Soldier welcomed home by happy dog!!! Drill Weekend by ShantiKriens on Rumble