When She Dances, The Dog Reacts. Perfect!

August 25, 2017 Dogs


It’s in Moscow, where the yearly Eurasia dog show is held. A dog and its handler are on the stage to move to some tune, and if you thought a dog can’t break joints in dancing, you’re terribly wrong!

The sport is aimed at creating a bond between a dog and its trainer in such a way that the dog becomes so obedient that it’s able to dance perfectly along with the handler. Need I say the trick succeeds?

In this video, you have a dog that’s unique in its own cute way.After undergoing some good training for months, the handler and the dog now have a chance to showcase their prowess by moving to a beat together.When the handler starts on the dance, the canine joins her, and you won’t believe what goes on!

Watch as the dog jumps, spins, rolls and bows to the beat. The audience is all excited and impressed by this dancing duo, and you will too!

Together, they pull off some obedience tricks in a perfect sequence that’ll awe you. Since the competitions started in 1989, dogs have taken great strides in obedience training, and you’ll second that!

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