Dalmatian smashes a record while giving birth and proves doctors wrong

August 18, 2017 Dogs

It was on the 18th day of May 2017 that one great dog re-wrote history. Miley actually smashed a world record!
Miley is a cute Dalmatian dog. She has a boyfriend named Astro. Together, they were about to welcome their new family with lots of love. The dogs’ owner, Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot, had approached some vet officers for an ultrasound for Miley during the dog’s pregnancy. The vets said Miley had just 3 pups inside her. Boy were they wrong!

So it came about time and Miley went into labor. To everyone’s big surprise, the dog popped out a cool 16 puppies, and that wasn’t it yet! Just when Cecilia thought the dog was through with delivery, Miley introduced 2 more pups into the world. Surprise!

Miley broke the world record of the largest litter with her 18 little canines. The little ones are all okay and have been micro-chipped too. Watch the clip here and love it.

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