Dad was not happy with his daughter’s tiny skirts, so he joined her with his tiny shorts

October 28, 2017 Stories

As a parent, Scott Mackintosh never liked the “fashion sense” of her sixth borne child. He considered what her 18-year-old wore as too revealing, and came up with a plan of making her know what she thought about everything.

All he wanted was to let her daughter know that her short shorts were not as cute as she imagined.

One day, Scott’s family was going for a night out and he never liked what Myley, their daughter, wore. Despite requesting her to wear long shorts, the 18-year-old was not ready to do that. That is when Scott decided to go ahead with his plans.

He took out some scissors and turned one of his pants into tiny shorts. He went ahead and wore a T-shirt that has some graphics whose message was as follows: Best Dad Ever. When she did that, he made sure he was near his daughter as much as possible. Though at first his daughter seemed not to care, finally the message sank in her so well.

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