Dad begins singing lullaby to a litter of puppies and in no time mom captures footage that melts millions of hearts

June 8, 2018 Dogs

Did you know that there’s a thing called a puppy lullaby? Neither did I until I watched this video, and you’ve got to see how this dog whisperer sings puppies to sleep! It’s absolutely adorable and priceless, you will keep replaying the video over and over until you slowly drift away into sleep..

I don’t understand how this guy does it? Does he do magic? Or he just sings? He doesn’t take much effort to make these cute puppies fall to sleep, all it takes is a special song.

As they still jumping and playing around in their pen, the guy said, “Let’s go to bed.” Well, at first it seems impossible to make it true. But dad’s got the magical plan. He begins singing the 1950s doo-wop classic – “Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite.” The results are just too amazing not to share.

As he softly sings, the pups one by one start finding comfy spots to lay. In no time he literally puts them all to sleep – it’s just crazy to watch! Mom’s the one filming and says, “I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t of seen it.”Watch the video below to see the adorable scene for yourself:

This dad sure has some great puppy parenting skills! But, let us warn you – if you watch it more than a few times you might drowse off too. If you smiled watching this adorable video, then share it with your friends and your family!