Dad with 26 Children is rewarded by the government and his neighbors are not happy about it

October 13, 2017 Other

A man living in Isle of Wight is having quite a hard time trying to be a productive member of the society because his neighbors are calling him a scrounger. Well, his story is an interesting one.

At the age of 64, Peter Rolfe has enough kids for a small army unit. This guy has sired 26 children with 15 different women, and he wants to help raise them. However, Peter can’t afford the financial muscle to make this happen, so he has to depend on government benefits of $64,000 a year. For that, the people in his area don’t like him. He’s using up their taxpayer money to raise his family!

Peter, who is blind in one eye, tells The Mirror that some of his neighbors pass by him and dish out some nasty words against him. But he’s trying his best to live happily.

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