Custodian learns student is hungry and homeless so she shows him her ‘other’ janitor’s closet

January 15, 2019 Stories

arolyn Collins is a custodian at Tucker High School, but that’s not what she’s really known for. Three years ago, 2 homeless kids came to her and narrated their story. They were homeless and hungry. They had nothing for themselves. That’s when Carolyn started what has now turned into the ultimate go-to place for any needy student in the school. It’s The Care Closet!

Carolyn collects and keeps supplies at the closet and shares them with the homeless students. You see, all these kids need is something to keep them going and help them get through school and into college, and it’s so sad to see so many students with nowhere to call home. In fact, between 2014 and 2015, about 1.2 million students were homeless. That’s a shocker!

However, it’s people like Carolyn that really do make a difference. Every year, this good custodian helps about 30 students – mostly out of her own pocket. That’s heroic!

Just watch the clip here and SHARE with everyone you know. This lady deserves applause!