Couple spots bear moving strangely – When the truth is revealed, they jump into action

February 26, 2018 Stories

When Dean and Samantha decided to step out of their car and go for a walk near a forest, they had not the slightest idea that the sun wouldn’t go down without them being crowned “saviors.” That’s until they saw a bear coming straight at them and they ran into their car!

Looking back, they noticed something very unusual about the wild animal. The bear was staggering. Something seemed to be hindering the animal’s movement. A bucket stuck in its head!

The couple had to do something to help. They ran out to the bear in an attempt to get the bucket off his head, but the animal was afraid and ran away. The two had to run faster to catch up, and they did!

Luckily, the bear wasn’t that huge, and they managed to remove the bucket off his head and set him free. Once free, the animal ran back into the forest without incident. That’s cool!

Someone captured the video of whole thing, and now people are loving it. Just watch and drop your comment.
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