Couple married for 49 years agrees to makeover – Walks out with new look, family don’t recognize them

May 5, 2018 Other

Jo and Kevin Taylor first met in 1967, the moment they saw each other, they instantly fell in love. Their conversations flowed naturally, they created inside jokes quickly and the butterflies in their stomach met only one thing– they were destined for each other. After 49 years, they’re still mad in love. The couple got married and now they are parents of 5 children, grandparents to 14 and great-grandparents to 2 kids. Even though 5 decades just passed away like the wind, Jo and Kevin kept one thing just like it is and never changed it: their style.

They both had long, scraggly locks and baggy clothes; both embraced an aesthetic better suited for bikers. After nearly 50 years of being together and keeping the same look, their loved ones decided that it was time for a change and encouraged them to apply for the ultimate Ambush Makeover on the Today Show. Jo and Kevin weren’t sure about the idea of getting a makeover in such a dramatic manner but assumed they wouldn’t be selected anyway. Little did they know, an Ambush Makeover was headed their way.

With the help of the Today celebrity style team, Louis Licari and Jill Martin, the couple were completely different. The makeover was done from head to toe. The team was able to keep their personal style, but in a way that left the live studio audience stunned. For Jo and Kevin, that was the best makeover they’ve ever did! They may be 49 years into their relationship, but this makeover helped shake things up.

Watch the video below to see the stunning difference:
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