Couple can’t believe it 5 months later that the surrogate they hired had faked everything

September 4, 2017 Stories


Cheniyaand Peter wanted children but they could not conceive. The couple put out an ad looking for a surrogate.
Audrey presented herself as a surrogate to the couple. Audrey described herself as a nurse and mother of four who was a surrogate in the past.

Peter and his wife decided Audrey was the perfect fit. They agreed to pay her a monthly non-refundable fee of $10,000. However, Audrey had some tricks up her sleeve. Audrey did not intend to get pregnant.

Audrey threw Peter’s specimen in the trash in the hotel room. She also spent the couple’s money on vacation. When Cheniya requested to join her for an ultra sound, she kept rescheduling

Audrey kept feeding the couple with her lies. She continued taking their money even if she was not pregnant. It took Dr. Phil’s intervention to bring Audrey to meet the desperate couple.

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