Cops show up for noise complaint about little dancers – It turns out into epic dance battle no one will forget

October 28, 2018 Other

Being a peace officer is a difficult job, and if you do it correctly you will face challenges from everyone. The community will challenge you to do a better job of keeping them safe. The accused will challenge you to do a better job to protect their rights. Your peers will challenge you to do a better job of managing them both. One way to achieve all this is to go out into the community you serve and protect.

Detective Sergeant Gary Sanders of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is one such officer. In a video clip posted to their YouTube channel, they show him responding to a “noise complaint” made against a dance studio.



When Sanders walks into the studio, he orders the music cut off. The dancers are a group of young women ranging in ages from young adult to elementary school-aged students. They don’t look happy to see him.

The young dancers tell him that they are having a dance party. But he responds:

“The noise is way to loud, and I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

The dancers, it seems have another idea. They challenge Det. Sgt. Sanders to a dance-off!



Yes, despite the familiar logo on the opening of the video, this is not an actual episode of the television series COPS. While they have filmed some very memorable episodes here, this is actually a parody.

Done in collaboration with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and Image Dance Studio, it’s a way for both the cops in the area and members of the community they serve to show off their stuff.



With the officers dressed in their uniforms and the Image Studio dancers decked out in Tacoma Rainiers baseball jerseys, the dance off commences.

It’s not really much of a challenge, if we’re being honest. The deputies make a valiant effort, but these kids know their dance moves and the cops just try to keep up. Eventually, they all make it inside Cheney Stadium, where the minor league team plays its home games.



You’ll have to watch the video to find out what happens to the “ticket,” Det. Sgt. Sanders was supposed to write. (And you can debate at home whether or not a citation for littering is in order!) At it’s core, this is a sweet video of people from a community having fun together.

The video ends with a special note of thanks to the three young sons of the late Daniel McCartney, who paid the ultimate price in the line of duty earlier this year.

Watch the video below to check out their moves!