Cop Notices Crying Woman – Takes a Look Under Blanket and Instantly Realizes Something’s Very Wrong

December 6, 2017 Stories


The fact is that there are so many people out there who really think they can never find themselves homeless. Well, you’ve to agree that you really don’t know what the future holds. This stuff can happen to anyone.

That’s a lesson Tierra Gray got to learn the hard way. Tierra is a mom of two, and she never fathomed that there could ever be a day that her kids would have to spend a night outside. Well, it did happen. Tierra and her family were evicted from her home one Saturday. She had no place to put up or even sleep.

All the shelters in the area were full. She decided to check into a local police station and stay there for the night – somewhere her family would be safe, at least. That’s how Deputy Brian Busell met the family. During his shift, he noticed the family at the station for the second night, so he walked up to them and changed everything. He paid for their 10-night stay at a hotel, paid for their food, and even did some shopping for the boys!
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