Clever Cat Pranks Dog By Playing Dead!

November 2, 2017 Stories

This dog and cat have a love/hate relationship. They chase one another all the time and evidently, the cat is the one that always pulls the tricks. In this video, the cat is lying in the middle of the road as if he has been hit by a car and died. The dog sits there and looks as if he is trying to figure out what happened to his friend. Just when he thinks the cat is really dead, the cat tricks him!

When the cat lifts its head and runs away, the dog looks so confused as he begins chasing. The music is perfect for this little chase that almost looks cartoonish. This is a video that is going to have you laughing out loud so enjoy the show the cat puts on. This is a video you could watch more than once and never grow tired of it. Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.